Four SLN Fast Gunboats celebrate their 18th anniversary

SLNS Udara, SLNS Edithara II, SLNS Wickrama II and SLNS Abeetha II, four of the Fast Gunboats belonging to the Navy’s fleet celebrated their 18th anniversary yesterday (11 June 2018). The Commanding Officers and crew members of the ships conducted several celebratory events including Bodhi Pooja programmes to mark those occasions.

Giving precedence to rich naval traditions the Commanding Officers of the respective ships; Commander Lankanatha Dissanayake, Lieutenant Commander Senaka Wahala, Lieutenant Commander Dinesh Karunarathna and Lieutenant Commander Nishantha Kariyawasam inspected divisions at the No 2 pier and the parade ground of SLNS Uththara, Kankesanthurei. The anniversary celebrations concluded with the “Barakana”; the age old naval tradition of entire ship’s crew having meals together in friendly atmosphere.