21st anniversary of SLNS Gajaba celebrated on high note

SLNS Gajaba located in Mannar celebrated its 21st anniversary that fell on 27th June, giving prominence to several religious events and Corporate Social Responsibility projects organized under the guidance of the Commanding Officer of the establishment Commander (NP) Arjuna Perera. The wide range of events held as part of the anniversary celebrations were well executed by the Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander (NP) Malinda Wennawatta and the entire crew of SLNS Gajaba.

Accordingly, a variety of sporting events including a friendly cricket tournament with the participation of all establishments in the North Central Naval Area had been organized to strengthen camaraderie among each other. Meanwhile, the Commanding Officer inspected divisions recalling the repute of rich naval traditions and also held “Barakana”- the age old naval tradition of having meals together in friendly atmosphere. As the day's ceremony was drawing to a close, a colorful musical show was staged, featuring the Ranaviru Real Star performers to mark the final proceedings of anniversary celebrations. Commander North Central Naval Area, Rear Admiral Muditha Gamage, Departmental Heads, senior officers and a large number of sailors were present on the occasion.