Rescue mission of fisherman by SL Navy

Based on information disseminated by the Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources, Sri Lanka Navy rescued a Sri Lankan fishing vessel, with 6 fishermen aboard, whilst drifting in the seas about 640 nautical miles south of Dondra Lighthouse. The vessel named “SLFV Aga Thisa-01” had left for fishing practices on 20th June and encountered this unfortunate situation due to an engine failure.

After requesting assistance from the US Embassy to locate the missing fishing vessel, one of the US Navy maritime patrol aircraft belonging to the US 7th Fleet has been flown from the Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia, to locate the distressed vessel.

Upon receipt of the location of the missing vessel, spotted by the US Navy maritime patrol aircraft, the Naval Headquarters directed Southern Naval Command to dispatch SLNS Sindurala to the location and render possible assistance. Accordingly, the SLN ship headed to the said region and commenced towing of the distressed vessel, as of the evening of 11th July.

This is yet another instance to prove the positive relationship between Sri Lanka and the United States, particularly in naval affairs based on mutual interests and a shared commitment.