Navy sniffer dogs in action

Two sniffer dogs belonging to the Sri Lanka Navy Kennels Unit, during a search, detected a consignment of explosives in the general area of Erakkandi in the Eastern Naval Command on 26th August.

After a tip-off received, naval personnel of the Special Boat Squadron attached to SLNS Vijayaba had carried out this search operation with the help of two navy-trained sniffer dogs, ‘Buster’ and ‘Raudi’. The canines belong to the breed of Doberman Pincher. Among the detected explosives were, 13 gelignite sticks, 06 chargers, 05 safety fuses and 05 non electric detonators.

This is recorded as the very first detection assignment conducted by using Navy’s trained sniffer dogs. Further, Navy will continue to utilize specially trained dogs for similar detection tasks in the future.