Two (02) Royal Australian Navy ships depart from Trincomalee harbour on completion of their training visit

Two of the four Royal Australian Navy (RAN) ships - HMAS ‘Success’ and HMAS ‘Parramatta’,which arrived in Sri Lanka as part of the Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2019, departed from the Trincomalee harbour on successful completion of their training visit on 27th March. Sri Lanka Navy bade customary farewell to the departing ship at the harbour premises.

During their stay in the island, the crew members of both ships engaged in a number of exercises of the Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2019 and other activities organized by Sri Lanka Navy. Accordingly, a team of RAN divers made a visit to the Command Diving Unit (East) on 24th March and did a diving exercise in Trincomalee harbour. The crew members of two ships joined the ‘Dockyard Run’ the following day morning (25th March) and visited Commonwealth War Cemetery in Trincomalee to remember the memories of war veterans died during World War II. Meanwhile, the ships were open for school children who were quite enthusiastic of the rare opportunity given.

Further, the two RAN ships performed a joint naval exercise with their Sri Lankan counterparts; SLNS ‘Sindurala’ and ‘Shakthi’ while departing the port of Trincomalee. Accordingly, they performed several drills which also included a Station Keeping by Distance Line (SKBDL) exercise.

Visit to the Command Diving Unit (East)

Joining the ‘Dockyard Run’

Remembrance of war veterans at Commonwealth War Cemetery in Trincomalee

School children visiting the ships

Joint naval exercise and departure