Distressed yacht towed to safety by Navy

Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) helped rescue a foreign yacht in distress off the shores of Rumassala, Galle yesterday (15th May).

Upon receipt of a distress signal, the Navy promptly dispatched two naval craft to bring ashore a foreign yacht named ‘Mango One’ that was in distress off the shores of Rumassala, following an engine failure.

Accordingly, the SLN safely escorted the yacht and its passengers who are en route to Thailand, via Sri Lankan waters. The passengers of the vessel are from Germany and Thailand. Meanwhile, the defunct yacht was delivered to a private shipping agent for repairs.

Sri Lanka Navy at all times is ready and waiting to help naval and fishing communities distressed in island’s waters. As such, the Navy undertakes Search and rescue (SAR) operations upon being informed through the Maritime Rescue Coordinating Centre (MRCC) based at the Naval Headquarters.