Forty one (41) illegal migrants held by Navy in Southern Seas

Sri Lanka Navy apprehended 41 Sri Lankan illegal migrants during a patrol in southern seas on 23rd May.

Having spotted a suspicious boat movement at deep sea south of the island, the Sri Lanka Navy launched a special operation to inspect the suspicious vessel.

Accordingly, the Navy intercepted the suspicious trawler plying about 715 nautical miles off the Dondra Lighthouse during the wee hours on 23rd May and held a group of Sri Lankans attempting to migrate overseas via sea route. Among the arrested persons are 35 males and 06 females. It is further reported that there are 07 children from 06 to 16 years of age among the group. The rest of the suspects are from 18 to 50 years of age. It is believed that these suspects were attempting to illegally migrate into Australia. They are due to be handed over to relevant authorities after a medical examination and preliminary naval investigation.

Since the Navy remains vigilant over the sea-borne migration of accomplice who assisted the terror attacks on the Easter Sunday, there would be no opportunity for such illegal activates and the Navy further reminds that those attempts would finally end up behind bars. Meanwhile, the Navy reiterates of its strong network of surveillance and regular patrols in place to nip such illegal migration efforts in the bud and nullify all other forms of illegal acts taking place at sea. Besides, the Navy has apprehended 71 illegal migrants in year 2019.