Navy’s prior preparation to face floods

Sri Lanka Navy removed logs and branches of trees clogged underside of the Wakwella bridge in Galle, as prior preparation of averting a possible flood to the area, today (28th May).

The metrological Department has predicted that the intermittent rains prevailing now might increase in the forthcoming days and accordingly it will cause to raise the water level of rivers in many areas. Therefore, bamboo bushes and other debris of trees which had blocked the Wakwella bridge over the Gin ganga, was cleaned and made free down flow of water by a troop of Naval personnel consist of divers and sailors of Rapid Action Boat Squadron attached to Southern Naval Command with the assistance of civilians, as a prior precaution for a possible flood threat which might bother the community life around the river banks

Accordingly, amidst a situation which most of the Naval personnel have been deployed for the special security duties upon the present situation of the country, such preparatory programmes prior to disasters which might occur in a flood condition, are being conducted in several areas of the country, under the directives of Commander of the Navy Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva.