Special operation to raid illegal sand mining spots in Trincomalee district

The Geological Survey and Mining Bureau (GSMB) has launched a operation from 28th to 30th May, to identify and raid the illegal sand mining spots in Trincomalee district and the operation is assisted by Sri Lanka Navy and Walana Anti-Corruption Unit.

Accordingly, the operation was launched with the aim of making out the illegal sand mining spots and the sand mining spots in several areas were searched during the operation. Licenses for sand mining were also checked. It is expected to minimize the harmful effects to the environment caused by sand mining and conserve the eco system surrounded in these areas.

Further, during the operation, eight (08) persons who engaged in illegal sand mining without licenses, near the Upparu bridge, were arrested and they were handed over to Serunuwara Police for further investigation.

Conservation of our environment is a sole responsibility of all Sri Lankans and we should commit and get together for that.