Navy finds 115kg of Kendu leaves in Silawathura

Naval personnel on foot patrol in Hunaisnagar, Silawathura recovered 115kg of Kendu leaves (Beedi Wrappers) on 09th June 2019.

Accordingly, this haul of Kendu leaves hidden in a scrub in the general area of Hunaisnagar was recovered by a group of naval personnel attached to the Northwestern Naval Command. The stock of Kendu leaves was handed over to the Silawathura Police for onward investigation.

Further, naval personnel belonging to the same Naval Command arrested two suspects with 287.3kg of Kendu leaves made ready to be transferred by a lorry, in the same region on 07th June 2019.

The Navy is conducting incessant operations to fight against this kind of illegal activities and has been very much successful in arresting a large number of suspects attempting to smuggle narcotics to the country.