SLNS Edithara II and Abeetha II mark their 19th anniversary on high note

SLNS Edithara II and Abeetha II – two Fast Gun Boats of the Sri Lanka Navy marked their 19th anniversary on 11th June 2019.

Accordingly, a number of events have been organized to celebrate the 19th anniversary of both ships under the directives of Commander Mohomed Arshad, Commanding Officer SLNS Edithara II and Commander Shanaka Jayathilake, Commanding Officer SLNS Abeetha II.

Consequently, the respective Commanding Officers inspected the divisions in the morning on 11th June and addressed their crew members.

Subsequently, the officers and sailors of the ships sat for the traditional meal partaking of ‘Barakana’ to conclude a series of anniversary celebrations.

Anniversary celebration of SLNS SLNS Edithara II

Anniversary celebration of SLNS Abeetha II