Navy assists to rescue fishermen distressed at sea

The crew of SLNS ‘Sagara’ assisted to tow a distressed trawler ashore, on 1st July 2019.

On receipt of the information from the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources about this fishing trawler named “ Nimeshika” which had distressed at sea due to engine failure, on the directives provided by the Naval Headquarters, SLNS ‘Sagara’ attached to Southern Naval Command, was dispatched for a rescue mission amidst rough sea conditions.

Accordingly, the distressed trawler had been observed by SLNS “Sagara”, drifting in the seas 24 nautical miles off the Great Basses light house, around 5.40pm on 1st July. After being safely knotted the trawler to the ship the towing was commenced and on the way back ashore the distressed trawler with its crew was handed over to another multiday trawler named ‘shanu’ which had left for fishing from the seas off Kirinda fisheries harbour.

Sri Lanka Navy assists the distressed fishing folk frequently, in the Sri Lankan territorial waters by conducting search and rescue missions in the hour of need.