Navy assists to transfer a critically ill fisherman ashore for treatment

Sri Lanka Navy transferred a fisherman who was in a critical condition due to bitten by a cobra at the Iranathivu island, by sea routes to ashore and admitted to Mulankavil hospital, on 6th August.

Naval personnel of the detachment at Iranathivu island had observed that a fisherman was in a critical condition due to bitten by a cobra and they immediately informed the incident to the HQ North Central Naval Command. The HQ of NCC promptly dispatched a Inshore Patrol Craft, a medical sailor onboard, to bring the patient ashore.

The patient who was in a critical state was taken safely aboard the craft and brought ashore providing basic first aids and he was taken to Mulankavil government hospital by a naval ambulance.

This person is a resident of Iranamatha area, aged 64 and his life was able to rescue as a result of quick actions taken by the naval personnel at Iranathivu island, under the directives of NCC HQ.

Sri Lanka Navy provides security as well as assistance for the people of the islands around Jaffna and Mannar, in their day today requirements.