An illegal immigrant form India and five suspects held by Navy

The Navy, during a raid conducted in Thondamanaru area, Jaffna on 22nd September 2019, apprehended an illegal immigrant from India along with 05 more suspects.

Having caught the sight of a suspicious van near the Children’s Park of Akkarai, Thondamanaru, the Navy had searched the suspected vehicle. When searched, there were six persons in the vehicle and further interrogation revealed that one of them was an illegal immigrant from India. The suspect was subsequently held by the Navy. The accused has been identified as a 30 year –old Sri Lankan.

During further interrogation, it was revealed that the other 05 suspects had arrived at the location to accompany the illegal immigrant. The 05 suspects along with the van were also apprehended accordingly. They have been identified as residents of Trincomalee, from 19 to 31 years of age. The suspects and van were handed over to the Valvettithurai Police for onward investigation.

The Navy conducts routine patrols as well as naval operations in the waters around the island and remains vigilant around the clock to curb illegal migration attempts.