Another mission of ‘Neela Haritha Sangramaya’ in Northern Naval Command

Another programme of ‘Neela Haritha Sangramaya’, a visionary concept of Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva, was carried out in the Northern Naval Command on 28th September 2019. As part of this event beach cleaning and mangrove plantation projects were carried out.

Accordingly, the shores of Sambilithurei, Sillalei, Delft, Vettalakerni and the beach area from Kankesanthurei to Thalsewana in the Northern Naval Command were cleaned as part of this programme. The naval personnel took much effort in cleaning these beaches which had been polluted due to various reasons.

Meanwhile, a zone of waterlogged, salty soils of the Mandativu Island was also cleaned by collecting plastic and polythene that littered the area. Subsequently, new mangrove saplings were planted in the area. A large number of naval personnel and school children from the region took part in this programme.

In addition to this, a number of eco-friendly programmes have been implemented in every Naval Command, and the Navy has always been committed to maintaining a clean coastline.