Workshop on Diving Medicine and Diving Techniques conducted for professional divers in Trincomalee

A workshop on Diving Medicine and Diving Techniques was held at Al Hamir Muslim College in Erakkandi, Trincomalee on 29th September 2019, for the benefit of professional divers in Trincomalee.

Sri Lanka Navy’s Diving Unit, the pioneering institute with expertise in the diving profession and Naval Medical Branch which has consultants in Diving Medicine joined hands with Sri Lanka College of Military Medicine(SLCOMM) to conduct the first work shop of a series to be followed.

Sixty seven (67) professional divers in the region attended the workshop held under the guidance of Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva and patronage of Sri Lanka College of Military Medicine

A large number of people who make a living in the diving profession live in the Eastern, Western and Southern coasts of Sri Lanka and their contribution to the economy of the country through tourism, fish exports and ocean exploration, is significant.

The Sri Lanka Navy has long observed that the majority of diving professionals engage in this risky profession without proper professional skills or technical know-how in diving. A large number of divers receive treatment and rehabilitation services from naval hospitals on a daily basis, due to various illnesses and accidents that occur during diving expeditions.

SLCOMM has taken steps to conduct technical and diving medicine consultancy workshops for divers in order to enhance their welfare, vocational skills and physical and mental fitness for the unique contribution of diving professionals to Sri Lanka's economy.

The workshop was chaired by the President of SLCOMM, Surgeon Rear Admiral Senarupa Jayawardana and the expert diving professionals of the Navy provided much needed practical and theoretical knowledge on diving to the participants. Besides, the Navy’s consultants in Diving Medicine educated the participants on various ailments related to the diving profession, first aid, standard treatment methods for diving, prevention of diving related diseases and mental and physical fitness of divers, through theoretical and practical sessions.

SLCOMM is hopeful of continuing this initiative as part of a Sri Lanka Navy’s Social Responsibility project in a bid to enhance the professional competence, fitness and quality of life of diving professionals across Sri Lanka.