Navy holds two persons with 1113kg of Beedi leaves

Two persons with a haul of 1113kg of Beedi leaves were apprehended during a raid carried out by Navy in Iranamatha Nagar area on 11th November 2019.

Accordingly, this haul of Beedi leaves which was packed in 30 parcels and had been attempted to bring ashore by dinghies was recovered during a raid carried out by North Central Naval Command. The recovered Beedi leaves were apprehended along with two dinghies, two persons and 2 OBMs. The suspects are residents of Pesale area and they along with the haul of Beedi leaves, dinghies and OBMs are due to be handed over to Customs Office-Jaffna for onward investigation.

Since the frequent Navy patrols the drug traffickers are in trouble and further Navy keeps the continuous vigilant eye to avert the illegal activities across the seas and lands as well.