Navy nabs 03 persons with 873kg of beedi leaves

The Navy, during search operations in the sea areas south and west of the Talaimannar Lighthouse on 10th and 11th November, apprehended 03 persons with a total of 873kg of beedi leaves.

The North Central Naval Command, whilst on a patrol in the seas south of the Talaimannar Lighthouse, intercepted a suspicious dinghy and held 03 persons attempting to escape the scene having dropped 09 packages to sea. The Navy found nearly 368kg of beedi leaves in the suspected packages. The dingy was also taken into naval custody. The suspects have been identified as residents of Mannar, from 28 to 33 years of age.

During, further search operations carried out in the same area and the seas west of the Talaimannar Lighthouse, the Navy managed to find another 10 packages drifting in waters and recovered approximately 505kg of beedi leaves, as the packages were unpacked.

The seized beedi leaves, dinghy and apprehended persons were handed over to the Jaffna Customs for onward investigation.

Since the Navy remains vigilant over nefarious activities in waters of the island, the racketeers find it difficult to continue their illegal activities in recent times.