Stock of Kerala Cannabis seized by Navy in Northern seas

The Navy, during a patrol, seized 96.390kg of Kerala Cannabis in the seas off the Kachchathivu Island on 27th November 2019.

During a patrol conducted by the Navy in the seas North of Talaimannar, a suspicious dinghy has been spotted. Accordingly, the suspected dinghy was seized along with 02 persons aboard, for onward investigation.

During further search in the same sea area, four suspected packages adrift in waters had been recovered by the Navy and 96.390kg of Kerala Cannabis was found, as the packages were unpacked.

The apprehended persons have been identified as residents of Pesalai, aged 36 and 39. Meanwhile, the suspects along with the stock of Cannabis and the dinghy were handed over to the Delft Police for onward legal action. However, further investigation are underway to check whether there is a link between the apprehended suspects and Kerala Cannabis seized.

The Navy's ongoing operations in the Sri Lankan territorial waters as well as the coastal belt have helped to curb a number of drug trafficking attempts. Further, the Navy will remain to be vigilant over such illegal acts around the clock.