Navy apprehends a trawler transferring Kerala cannabis in the seas off Galle

During a special raid carried out by Sri Lanka Navy in the seas off Galle, a trawler which was transferring Kerala Cannabis was apprehended today (7th January 2020).

Keeping with Sri Lanka Navy’s attempts to eradicate the illegal drug menace from Sri Lanka, a special raid was carried out in the seas off Galle, and a suspicious trawler was spotted. During inspection this trawler, a haul of about 15kg of Kerala Cannabis hidden there, was discovered and it along with six suspects on-board were apprehended.

The suspects are residents of Beruwala and Ginthota areas aged 27, 28, 29, 31, 39 and 45.The amount of Cannabis, suspects and the trawler were handed over to Police Narcotic Bureau-Hikkaduwa for further investigation.

In a bid to eradicate the drug menace from the island, Sri Lanka Navy has taken every possible measures to avert the drug trafficking across the sea routes.