Navy seizes more than one ton of Kerala cannabis during past 37 days of this year

SL Navy managed to apprehend more than one ton of Kerala cannabis by operations conducted island wide from 01st January to 06th February this year.

During a series of successful operations conducted by the Navy from 01st January to 05th February 2020, approximately 1102kg of Kerala cannabis which comprise about 890kg by Northern Naval Command, about 181kg by Northwestern Naval Command, about 15kg by Southern Naval Command and about 16kg by other Naval Commands, have been taken into Naval custody.

Further, as a result of continuous raids and search operations carried out by Navy in the seas as well as on land in search of drug traffickers and local dealers, a large number of such illegal activists have been apprehended by the Navy and the suspects have been handed over to Police for legal action. Moreover, in the year 2019, more than 3.4 tons of Kerala cannabis were recovered by the Navy. Continues operations are underway around the coastal belt and on land by the Navy to prevent illegal activities.