Navy renders assistance to bring ashore fisherman injured at sea

The Navy, today (06th February 2020), rendered assistance to bring ashore an injured fisherman onboard a multi-day fishing trawler.

Based on information disseminated by the Galle Police, of an injured fisherman on board a multi-day fishing trawler, a naval craft attached to the Southern Naval Command was dispatched to retrieve the patient, upon the directives of the Naval Headquarters. The multi-day fishing trawler had left the Magalla fisheries harbour for fishing practices on 31st January 2020.

After the fishing trawler with the injured fisherman was located about 20 nautical miles of Hambantota, he was brought to the port of Hambantota while administering first aid. Subsequently, the injured fisherman was rushed to the Hambantota general hospital by a Navy ambulance. Meanwhile, the Navy will continue to assist distressed naval and fishing communities at sea around the clock.