Navy carries out beach cleaning programmes to keep waste free coastal line

Two more events of the Navy’s beach cleaning programme were conducted in the Northern and Southern Naval Commands on 05th and 07th February 2020.

Accordingly, under the “Green and Blue Drive”, Jaffna KKS beach area, beach around Delft island, beach area in Mandathivu island in Jaffna Peninsula and Mahamodara beach area in Galle were cleaned with the participation of a large group of naval personnel. As a result of the dedication of naval personnel with the assistance of civilians, it was able to restore the beauty of the beaches, which were heavily polluted by natural causes and human activities.

Following the directives of Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva, the Navy has been doing a commendable job to clean the surrounded beach areas in all naval commands and to transform the polluted coastal belt around the island into a beautiful one, with a view to attracting both local and foreign tourists.

Beach clean programme at Southern beach area

Beach clean programme at Jaffna beach area