Navy assists the disembarkation of German lady aboard international cruise ship MSC Magnifica

A Srilankan who was employed onboard the international cruise ship MSC Magnifica had requested through social medias to help him for disembarkation at Colombo and accordingly SL Navy brought this person safely to the Colombo port with the direct involvement to the matter by the Commander of the Navy Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva under the approval given by His Excellency the President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, today (06th April 2020).

Moreover, Sri Lanka Navy also assisted to bring ashore a 75 year old German lady named Rosemery Margret who was a heart patient onboard this cruise ship. According to the International Law of the Sea, Sri Lanka is bounded to support the ships which face accidents or undergo distress within the Srilankan Search and Rescue Region. However, going beyond the responsibility for humanity even under the prevailing risky disastrous situation all over the world, Commander of the Navy Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva took initiative to bring this sick lady ashore. Under the directives of the Presidential Task Force for Prevention of COVID-19 and following all preventive measures this lady was brought ashore safely and admitted to National Hospital-Colombo for treatment.