Navy assists to bring ashore corpse of a chef died whilst serving aboard a merchant vessel registered in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Navy assisted to disembark corpse of the chef who fell on a sudden death due to a heart attack whilst serving aboard MV Grace, a merchant ship registered in Sri Lanka, and to hand it over to the local agent of the shipping company, today (22nd April 2020).

The dead person is a Sri Lankan named DJC Kumarasinghe who served as the chef of MV Grace. Since this person died suddenly causing to a heart stroke, the local agent of the ship Marine International (pvt) Ltd. had requested assistance for disembarking of the dead body. After arrival of MV Grace to Colombo port, responding to the request of local agent of this ship under the approval of Ministry of Denfence, Navy’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Unit attached to the Western Naval Command sterilized the disembarked dead body following all healthy precautions and standard procedures and handed over the corpse to the ship’s local agent Marine International (pvt) Ltd.