Other four (04) inmates at Oluvil Quarantine Centre tested positive for COVID-19

With the confirmation of other four (04) inmates at Naval Quarantine Centre in Oluvil were tested positive for COVID-19, the Navy promptly rushed them for treatment on 30th April 2020.

The Navy, after an intelligence operation carried out in the village of Suduwella, Ja-Ela, brought a group of persons who had closely contacted with a COVID-19 infected person, to the Naval Quarantine Centre in Oluvil for proper quarantine process. Meanwhile, since some of the individuals under quarantine who underwent PCR test were positive for COVID-19, all other inmates were also directed for PCR test and identified 04 of them tested positive for coronavirus.

Subsequently, the infected 04 inmates were rushed to Kathankudi General Hospital for treatment by a ambulance. on 30th April 2020.