Hundred and eighteen (118) inmates completed quarantine period leave Naval quarantine centers

Hundred and eighteen (118) inmates consists of 98 in Sampoor and 20 in Oluvil Naval quarantine centers who were undergoing quarantine period, left the centers after completion of their quarantine process, on 08th May 2020.

The 98 inmates who left the quarantine center established at HQ premises of Naval Marine Force in Sampoor, are residents of Gunasinghepura, Dam Street, Grand Pass and Nagalagam Street in Colombo. Twenty (20) inmates who left Oluvil Naval quarantine center, are residents of Ja Ela area. All these personnel who had been identified to be liable close contactors with coronavirus infected persons, had been directed to Naval quarantine centers, on 11th and 16th April. Subsequently, after completion of effective quarantine period of 21 days, they were sent off for their homes, today.

Further, during the quarantine, the Navy paid much attention to whom figured out as drug-addicted persons and many activities were followed to recuperate them. Subsequently, seven persons who were identified as drug addicts out of the group underwent quarantine in Sampoor quarantine center, were directed to a treatment and rehabilitation centre at Urapola in Nittambuwa, managed by National Dangerous Drugs Control Board.

The leaving inmates were tested negative to COVID-19 and also they were given away the quarantine certificate which is issued to confirm that they have completed the quarantine period, by the Navy.

All inmates who underwent quarantine at the Sampoor Naval quarantine center, have left for their homes by now. Meanwhile, Forty-nine (49) personnel including the group who left today, have left Oluvil Naval quarantine center by now and other 19 personnel are undergoing quarantine period there.

The group of personnel who left Sampoor Quarantine Center

The group of personnel who left Oluvil Quarantine Center