Navy’s Rapid Response Rescue and Relief Unit (4RU) stands at ready amid fears of flood

The Navy, in preparation for hazards and disasters likely to take place as a result of the inclement weather in the island, sent out its relief teams to pre identified hazard prone areas today (16th May 2020).

Accordingly, action has been taken to dispatch Navy relief and rescue teams to Thawalama, Udugama and Nagoda areas in the Southern Province and Rathnapura in Sabaragamuwa Province. These teams consist of naval personnel from the Rapid Response Rescue and Relief Unit (4RU) and Special Boat Squadron (SBS).

In addition to this, the Navy carried out a number of programmes to clear underside of bridges where debris had been collected hampering the free flow of water, in the past few days. These programmes did the groundwork in order to minimize potential disasters during a possible flood situation. Despite the outbreak of COVID - 19 in the country, the Navy is always ready to provide swift assistance to the general public in the event of any disaster.