Further measures taken-Navy clears the blockage under Wakwella Bridge

In order to prevent a possible threat of flooding, the Navy removed logs and debris which were collected by raging water flow of Gin Ganga at the underside of Wakwella Bridge in Galle and made its free down flow, on 21st May 2020.

As a result of prevailing inclement weather in the country, the water level of Gin Ganga has risen up and as a prior preparation for possible flood situation, the underside of the Wakwella bridge which was blocked with large bamboo trees, branches of trees and debris, were removed. Under the guidance of Commander Southern Naval Area, Rear Admiral Kassapa Paul, a team of Navy divers along with naval personnel attached to the Southern Naval Command engaged in this strenuous task and made free down flow of water.

Further, Naval Rescue and Relief Teams have been deployed already to assists the people in any emergency, in the areas facing threat of flood. These teams are consists of the sailors attached to the Rapid Response Rescue and Relief (4RU) unit and the Special Boat Squadron of SL Navy.