SLNS ‘Samudura’ continuous to provide fuel to distressed fishing trawlers at sea

The local multi-day fishing vessels that were washed-away to Indonesian seas as a result of the recent cyclonic storm ‘Amphan’, are now reaching the island’s shores with the help of the Sri Lanka Navy Ship ‘Samudura’. Meanwhile, SLNS ‘Samudura’ continues to provide food, water, medical aid and fuel to these distressed vessels.

As of now these multi-day fishing vessels, under the supervision of SLNS ‘Samudura’, are returning to the island and are about 375 nautical miles off the coast. Meanwhile, SLNS ‘Samudura’ has provided food, water, medical aid and fuel to 16 distressed vessels named Sadewmi 04, Sanu Putha 02, Madusanka, Sayuri 06, Ran Putha, Sapna 08, RMS 10, Tiyana 01, Suresh 3, Sisira 3, Dahami 1, Thanuja 6, Sisira 1, Bishan Putha 1, Diyathi 3 and Deneth Putha 2.

Further, SLNS ‘Samudura’ is also closely monitoring all of these vessels and will continue to provide necessary facilities to these fishing trawlers until they are safely escorted to land.