Six Indians stayed in Sri Lanka without valid visa apprehended by Navy

Six (06) Indians who were staying in Sri Lanka violating the visa regulations, were apprehended by the Navy at the Kurikadduwan jetty in Jaffna on 08th June 2020.

A team of naval personnel attached to the Northern Naval Command, on patrol at the Kurikadduwan jetty area in Jaffna, searched a group of persons who were waiting on the jetty on 8th June 2020. The persons on the jetty were recognized as Indians who were waiting there for leaving to Delft island to work in a construction site. While checking their passports, some of those were identified as valid date expired and some other were on tourist visas. As they had violated immigration and emigration rules holding expired passports and tourist visas for employment in Sri Lanka, the group of Indians was taken into custody.

The apprehended Indians were handed over to Kurikadduwan Police for further investigation.