Fifteen (15) more naval personnel discharged from hospitals following their full recovery from COVID – 19, recovered tally reaches 771

Another fifteen (15) naval personnel who had contracted COVID-19 and underwent treatment in hospitals, were discharged from respective hospitals following their full recovery from the virus, confirmed by PCR tests, on 19th June 2020.

These naval personnel who contracted COVID-19 were receiving treatment from the Welikanda Hospital (03), Minuwangoda Hospital (02), National Institute of Infectious Diseases (09) and Theldeniya Hospital (01). Since, these sailors have tested negative for COVID-19, based on the reports of random PCR tests done while in hospitals, they were discharged on 19th June 2020.

As of now, including these 15 naval personnel, 771 naval personnel out of the total naval COVID cluster, have been discharged from hospitals after gaining full recovery from the virus. Further, these discharged naval personnel will be kept under quarantine for another 14 days, following the instruction of health authorities.