Navy holds illegal migrants at Northern seas

Sri Lanka Navy apprehended a dinghy with 02 persons who were on an illegal attempt to migrate via sea routes with other 02 persons during a special operation carried out in the seas north of Thondamannar in Jaffna, on 11th July 2020.

Accordingly, a craft attached to the Northern Naval Command spotted this dinghy 11 nautical miles off Thondamannar North, Jaffna. By investigation to the incident it was revealed that two of them are Sri Lankans who had attempted to migrate from India and other two had sailed on 10th July from Point Pedro to the international seas passing IMBL to provide transportation for migrants.

Further, these two migrants were identified as previous residents of Velvetithrai and Mulativu areas. One of them is a former LTTE member and he was admitted to Jaffna Teaching Hospital for treatment of respiratory difficulties with chest pain. He is due to be tested by PCR for COVID-19 today (12th July 2020).The other person is also suspected to be a LTTE activist.

The apprehended suspects are in the ages between 21-52.Other three persons will be kept separately and safely until they would be handed over for further investigation. These 03 are also to be tested for COVID-19 by PCR examinations.

As precautionary measures under COVID-19 pandemic, the persons and the dinghy were disinfected following healthcare instructions.