Naval COVID – 19 cluster ceases to exist, naval personnel diagnosed with the virus gain full recovery

The last 03 naval personnel who had contracted COVID-19 and underwent treatment in hospital, were discharged from the Iranawila Hospital after gaining full recovery from the virus, confirmed by PCR tests, on 20th July 2020. As such, the naval COVID -19 cluster which included 906 naval personnel snuffed out, after months of trying time for naval personnel.

After having found a naval person in the Welisara Naval Complex, who contracted COVID-19 on 22nd April, the entire naval premises was isolated and the close contacts of the said naval person were directed for PCR testing. As of 08th July 2020, when the last case was reported in the Navy, a total of 906 naval personnel fell victims to the novel coronavirus, confirmed by PCR testing.

Thereupon, all COVID – 19 cases of the Sri Lanka Navy were admitted to the Navy General Hospital, Welikanda Hospital, IDH, Minuwangoda Hospital, Theldeniya Hospital, Homagama Hospital and Iranawila Hospital. While undergoing treatment in hospitals, random PCR tests had been done on the admitted naval personnel and they were periodically discharged from respective hospitals, after having found that the virus was no longer in their bodies. Accordingly, as of 21st July the naval COVID cluster came to zero, with no more naval personnel undergoing treatment for the new coronavirus in hospitals.

Incidentally, a total of 15,598 PCR tests have been done on naval personnel to date and random PCR tests are still being done at naval premises. Apart from that, general operations within naval premises have already commenced adhering to health guidelines. Further, best hygiene practices, regular temperature checks as well as other measures intended to prevent the spread of a contagious disease are being practiced to curb possible spread of the virus.

The last 03 naval personnel discharged from the Iranawila Hospital were instructed to stay in 14 days of further quarantine, adhering to health precautions. Meanwhile, the Navy is geared by all means to strengthen the government’s efforts to nullify the further spread of the novel coronavirus in the island.