A group of naval personnel successfully complete Basic Airborne Course

A group of naval personnel consisting of one (01) officer and five (05) sailors successfully completed the 53rd Basic Airborne Course and passed out at the Sri Lanka Air Force Station Ampara on 24th August 2023.

The 53rd Basic Airborne Course was held from 10th July to 24th August 2023 at the Sri Lanka Air Force Station Ampara. A total of 45 officers and other ranks from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Police Special Task Force completed this course. Meanwhile, Lieutenant (Marine) Adithya Wijayawickrama was adjudged the Best Paratrooper and all-rounder of the 53rd Basic Airborne Course.

The basic airborne training programme included both the theoretical and hands-on components of parachute techniques. After acquiring these skills and understanding, the participants successfully conducted five parachute jumps during both daytime and nighttime. These jumps were conducted from AN 32 aircraft at an altitude of 1000 feet, and were performed both with and without carrying weapons and equipment.