Undergraduates from Ocean University of Sri Lanka visit workshops at SLNS Rangalla

A group of 52 undergraduates pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering at the Ocean University of Sri Lanka visited the Navy engineering workshops at SLNS Rangalla on 29th August 2023. This opportunity enabled them to acquire direct, hands-on understanding of the repair and maintenance operations conducted within naval facilities.

Accordingly, the visiting undergraduates delved into the intricacies of engineering and electrical repair and maintenance work being carried out at those naval workshops and witnessed the dedication of skilled naval personnel who work tirelessly to ensure the seaworthiness of naval vessels. In addition, the students had the privilege of visiting the slipway, a vital component of the Navy’s infrastructure responsible for the repair and maintenance of ships and craft.

Moreover, they visited SLNS Sayurala, one of the Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) of the Navy, during this educational tour.

Educational tours like these provide an excellent chance to share the expertise of the Marine Engineering field with undergraduate students in the maritime sector, offering insights into the processes involved in repairing and maintaining Sri Lanka Navy's ships and craft. Also, such initiatives will pave the way for the Navy to help create professionally competent individuals to the maritime fraternity.