Annual Katina Pinkama Ceremony of Rathana Sadaham Meditation Centre in Kithulkote supported by Navy

The annual Katina Pinkama ceremony of Rathana Sadaham Meditation Centre in Kithulkote, Thanamalwila was successfully held with the assistance of Sri Lanka Navy on 18th and 19th November 2023.

The Rathana Sadhaham Meditation Center, commonly known as Kithulkote 'Asapuwa,' holds a prominent place in the hearts of Buddhist devotees. The Sri Lanka Navy has consistently collaborated with the Naval Buddhist Association to conduct the annual 'Vas Aradhana Pinkama' and 'Katina Cheewara Poojawa’ of Rathana Sadhaham Meditation Center over a period of time.

As it has been the practice, this year’s Katina Pinkama Ceremony was held seeking the counsel of the Chief Incumbent of Rathana Sadaham Meditation Centre, Ven. Walasmulle Gunarathana Thero. Meanwhile, the Southern Naval Command had made arrangements for the successful conduct of the event, following the directives of Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Priyantha Perera.

Since 08th November, the Katina Robe has been at the Navy House, and necessary rituals were performed in conformity with time-honoured customs. Subsequently, it was brought to SLNS Parakrama (09th and 10th November) and then placed at naval establishments in the Southern Naval Command from 11th November, for the worship of naval personnel. Coinciding with the Katina Pinkama Ceremony, a Bodhi Puja and all-night Pirith Chanting were also held on 18th November at the Rathana Sadaham Meditation Centre. Thereupon, Katina Robe was brought to the Sudarshana Buddhist Centre in Kithulkote by a specially arranged vehicle from SLNS Kawantissa in Hambantota on the morning of 19th November. Next, the Katina Robe was carried in a colourful procession, organised by the Southern Naval Command, to Rathana Sadaham Meditation Centre and rituals were performed. After the performance of rituals associated with the ceremony, Commander of the Navy and President of Navy Seva Vanitha Unit, Mrs. Mala Lamahewa presided over the meritorious acts of offering mid-day alms and Pirikara to 45 members of Maha Sangha.

Moreover, the Naval Buddhist Association generously provided a Buddha statue to the Ratana Sadaham Meditation Center, enhancing the spiritual environment for devotees visiting the place for veneration.

President of Naval Buddhist Association and Director General Engineering, Rear Admiral Ravi Ranasinghe, Commander Southern Naval Area, Rear Admiral Chinthaka Kumarasinghe, Director General Sri Lanka Coast Guard, Rear Admiral Pujitha Vithana, officers from the Navy Headquarters and Southern Naval Command, sailors and a group of devotees were also present on this occasion.