Colonel Shiam Vidurupola (Retd) delivers motivational lecture to naval officers

Colonel Shiam Vidurupola (Retd) delivered a powerful and inspiring lecture to naval officers, urging them to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and leadership qualities. The lecture, held at the Wave N’ Lake Navy Hall on 20th March 2024, was also attended by the Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Priyantha Perera.

Colonel Vidurupola (Retd) is a former military officer with a wealth of knowledge as well as battle experience having served in various field of the Sri Lanka Army including Administration, Intelligence and Human Rights. During his tenure in the Army, he has performed a praiseworthy role as the Defence Adviser at the High Commission of Sri Lanka in the United Kingdom, fostering international relationships. Upon his retirement from the Sri Lanka Army, he has served as Senior Military Advisor of United Nations Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights, Nepal, a Consultant of the United Nations Development Programme as well as the Chief Security Officer of World Food Programme.

Colonel Vidurupola (Retd), speaking to a gathering of naval personnel, emphasized the need to enhance the quality of service life for naval personnel. Drawing on his extensive experience in the Army and diplomatic missions, he highlighted various ways this could be achieved.

The senior officer emphasized the importance of recognizing and enhancing officers' abilities, dedicating oneself to the profession, prioritizing life goals, facing challenges with positivity, achieving personal success through a successful service life, and improving leadership qualities to maintain dignity in behaviour, particularly in the Navy. He also stressed the importance of continuously enhancing professional skills, knowledge, and core values, particularly during service, to better serve the Navy and the nation with increased efficiency and effectiveness.

The Chief of Staff of the Navy, Rear Admiral Pradeep Rathnayake, senior officers from the Navy Board of Management, Commander Western Naval Area, Rear Admiral Saman Perera and officers from the Navy Headquarters and Western Naval Command were also present on this occasion.