Navy steps up disaster preparedness efforts in Kalutara

The Sri Lanka Navy facilitated programmes on disaster response and basic first aid and lifesaving at the beach area of Kalutara on 19th and 29th March 2024. The programmes coordinated by the Rapid Action Boat Squadron (RABS) Rear Training Area (RRTA), Kalutara and District Disaster Management Coordination Unit (DDMCU), Kalutara, focused on stepping up disaster preparedness efforts of disaster management committee members stationed in Kalutara as well as a group of residents of Dodangoda.

As part of this initiative, a programme on disaster response was conducted on 19th March in the beach vicinity of Kalutara, for the disaster management committee members stationed in Kalutara. The purpose of the programme, which was held covering Divisional Secretariats in the Kalutara district, was to keep personnel ready in all respects to respond to possible adverse situations during the incoming monsoon season.

In the same vein, a basic first aid and lifesaving workshop was conducted on 29th March, for a group of resident from Dodangoda Divisional Secretariat. The participants were given both theoretical and practical knowledge on basic first aid and lifesaving during this programme. Both the programmes were coordinated by RABS RRTA Kalutara and DDMCU, Kalutara.

Forty-six (46) disaster management committee members in Kalutara and fifteen (15) residents of Dodangoda hone their skills through these programmes.