Rear Admiral Princely Liyanage (Retd) sets Serendib World Record climbing Adam's Peak in record time

Rear Admiral Princely Liyanage (Retd) of the Sri Lanka Navy achieved a remarkable feat, setting a Serendib World Record for climbing Adam's Peak (Sri Pada) in an impressive time of 23 hours and 46 minutes, using four different routes. He achieved this record by becoming the first person to complete the most ascents of Adam's Peak within 24 hours, conquering all four routes of Nallathanniya, Erathna, Palabaddala, and Malingboda.

Rear Admiral Liyanage (Retd) began his quest to set this record on 08th April, starting from the Nallathanniya Sri Pada entrance at 3:00 p.m all the way to the peak. His journey continued with climbs up and down the Erathna, Palabaddala, and Malingboda routes, ultimately concluding with the challenging trek from Adam's Peak to Nallathanniya.

The Serendib World Records Committee officially acknowledged Rear Admiral Princely Liyanage’s (Retd) remarkable achievement and the Serendib World Record certificate in this regard was handed over to Rear Admiral Princely Liyanage (Retd) on 09th April.