Mangrove planting initiative takes root in Negombo in parallel with World Environment Day

Coinciding with the World Environment Day (05th June), the Sri Lanka Navy partnered with the DFCC Bank to launch a mangrove planting initiative in the Waikkala Lagoon of Negombo on 07th June 2024. This initiative was part of the Navy's ongoing coastal and marine ecosystem conservation programme.

The Sri Lanka Navy actively participates in environmental conservation initiatives, particularly focusing on preserving the mangrove ecosystem. These efforts significantly contribute to maintaining biodiversity and ensuring the sustainability of the coastal environment.

Mangroves possess significant ecological benefits, including the prevention of coastal erosion, high capacity for carbon dioxide absorption, air purification, and the mitigation of global warming. They also serve as vital natural breeding grounds for fish. To ensure the long-term preservation of the mangrove ecosystem, the Sri Lanka Navy has initiated a mangrove conservation project. This project involves the planting of mangroves along rivers, estuaries, and lagoons.

The most recent phase of this project was executed by SLNS Kelani of the Western Naval Command in collaboration with DFCC Bank. The initiative saw the planting of 400 mangrove saplings in the Waikkala Lagoon.

The Commanding Officer SLNS Kelani Captain Tharanga Jayasuriya, Staff members of the DFCC Bank, lecturers from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, university students, representatives from the Department of Coast Conservation, officers from Wennappuwa Police Station as well as officers and sailors from SLNS Kelani were present on this occasion.