Navy Welfare Directorate provides electric wheelchair and air mattress to sailor disabled in the line of duty

In a heartfelt gesture of support towards the naval family, the Welfare Directorate of the Sri Lanka Navy donated an electric wheelchair and an air mattress to Leading Seaman (Drill Instructor) WAPS Weerasinghe (Retd), who had sustained injuries in the line of duty. The donation was made at his house on 17th June 2024.

As a result of an accident on 29th January 2022, while serving at SLNS Lankapatuna, the sailor has been rendered completely disabled. Given these circumstances, he has compassionately requested an air mattress and an electric wheelchair from the Welfare Directorate of the Sri Lanka Navy.

The occasion was also attended by the Commanding Officer SLNS Ranweli, Commander Ruwan Bandara and a group of naval personnel.