Navy found Kerala cannabis in the seas off Kakkativu Island

The Navy recovered approximately 1kg and 400g of Kerala cannabis, during a patrol conducted in the seas off Kakkativu island in Mannar, today (8th April 2020).

08 Apr 2020

Navy assists yacht distressed by technical fault

SL Navy assisted providing food and drinking water to a couple who was distressed on a foreign yacht anchored in the seas off Galle due to a technical fault of the vessel while sailing across the Southern seas, on 07th April 2020.

08 Apr 2020

Ruwala Resort, Kalpitiya handed over to Navy to be used as quarantine centre

The Ceyline Holdings Pvt Ltd today (08th April 2020) temporarily handed over its Ruwala Resort in Kalpitiya to the Sri Lanka Navy to be used as a quarantine centre. Accordingly, this 31 - room resort in Kalpitiya will be utilized as a quarantine centre by the Navy during the current crisis faced by the nation.

08 Apr 2020

Person apprehended with Kerala cannabis

A person with 36.93g of Kerala cannabis was apprehend during a operation carried out by Navy in coordination with SL Police, at Sippikulama area in Hambanthota, on 7th April 2020.

08 Apr 2020

Navy conducted disinfection programmes at Karativu and Department of Pensions, Colombo.

To combat the spread of the new coronavirus in the country, the Navy conducted several sterilization programmes in a few places at Karaitivu and the Department of Pensions in Colombo on 06th and 07th April 2020.

07 Apr 2020

Naval boat patrols in Bolgoda River and Bentara Ganga on full alert

Authorities were forced to lock down the Atalugama area in Bandaragama and Dharga Town ordering the residents to self-isolate after finding persons contracted novel coronavirus from those areas.

07 Apr 2020

Self quarantined residents of Alapitawala Housing Scheme entertained by Navy

Sri Lanka Navy has planed to conduct musical programmes for the entertainment and to expel the stress and loneliness of self quarantined residents of flats in Colombo district, onwards 5th April 2020,

07 Apr 2020

Navy distributes pharmaceutical drugs to doorstep of patients attending clinics in Naval Hospitals

The prevailing situation in the country had greatly hampered the monthly receipt of medication of retired and serving naval personnel as well as their family members who are attending clinics in Naval Hospitals.

07 Apr 2020

Thirteen sea turtle hatchlings released to the ocean at Galle Face beach by Navy Turtle Conservation Project

Thirteen(13) more sea turtle hatchlings emerged from the turtle conservation site at the Galle Face beach, were released to the ocean on 6th April 2020.

07 Apr 2020

Navy provides relief to community in areas belonging to Southeastern Naval Command

Sri Lanka Navy on 05th April 2020 conducted a programme to distribute dry rations among low income families in areas belonging to the Southeastern Naval Command.

06 Apr 2020