Navy takes hold of Kerala cannabis valued over Rs. 4 million in Mannar

The Navy took hold of over 10kg of Kerala cannabis, during a search operation conducted with the Division Crime Investigation Bureau Mannar in the Vankalai area, Mannar on 21st April 2024. The operation also led to the apprehension of 4 suspects and 1 van in connection to this incident.

The Sri Lanka Navy remains ever alert and conducts regular operations across the island, with a view to preventing a wide range of nefarious activities.

In continuation of these efforts, SLNS Thambapanni, with the assistance of Division Crime Investigation Bureau Mannar, intercepted a suspicious van, during a coordinated search carried out in Vankalai area. During further search of the vehicle, the raiding party managed to recover 5 parcels of Kerala cannabis weighing about 10kg and 690g. Along with the parcels of Kerala cannabis, the van and 4 suspects in it were taken into custody.

The gross street value of Kerala cannabis held in this operation is believed to be more than Rs. 4 million.

The suspects held in this operation were identified as residents of Mannar, who are from 22 to 30 years of age. The suspects along with Kerala cannabis and the van were handed over to the Mannar Police for onward legal action.