Drug Bust News

Navy finds Kerala cannabis valued over Rs. 13 million on Pungudutivu Island

The Sri Lanka Navy recovered about 34kg of Kerala cannabis during a search operation conducted on the Pungudutivu Island, Jaffna on 15th January 2024. The consignment of Kerala cannabis had been hidden in shrubs in the beach vicinity, when it was found by the Navy.

16 Jan 2024

Kerala cannabis worth over Rs. 02 million held in Vankalavadi, Jaffna

A search operation conducted by the Navy in the Vankalavadi beach vicinity, Jaffna on 14th January 2024 led to the recovery of buried Kerala cannabis weighing over 06kg (wet weight).

15 Jan 2024

Two suspects held with 10600 medicinal capsules

The Sri Lanka Navy and Police STF apprehended 02 suspects with 10600 Pregabalin capsules and a motorcycle, during special search operations conducted in Mihinthale and Kattukarayankudirippu of Talaimannar on 12th and 13th of January 2024.

14 Jan 2024

Kerala cannabis worth over Rs. 33 million held in Wallipuram, Jaffna

A coordinated operation carried out by the Navy with the Army and Police Special Task Force (STF) on 08th January 2024 in the beach vicinity of Wallipuram, Jaffna, led to the recovery of over 84kg of Kerala cannabis hidden in nearby shrubs.

09 Jan 2024

Navy apprehends suspect with 526 medicinal drugs in Talaimannar

The Sri Lanka Navy apprehended a suspect with 526 Pregabalin capsules, during a special search operation conducted with the Police in Ambalnagar, Talaimannar in the dark hours of 06th January 2024.

07 Jan 2024

Kerala cannabis over Rs. 21 million street value held by Navy in Kaddaikadu, Veththalakerni

A special search operation conducted by the Sri Lanka Navy in the Kaddaikadu beach area of Veththalakerni on 05th January 2024, led to the recovery of Kerala cannabis weighing over 53kg (wet weight).

06 Jan 2024

Navy recovers haul of Tendu leaves in Ambalangoda seas

The Navy recovered a haul of Tendu leaves weighing about 118kg (wet weight), adrift in Ambalangoda sea area, during a patrol carried out in the sea area on 05th January 2024.

06 Jan 2024

Navy seizes multiday fishing trawler carrying more than 245kg of heroin and crystal methamphetamine valued over Rs. 3190 million, in seas west of Hikkaduwa

In a major operation against drug trafficking, the Sri Lanka Navy intercepted a local multiday fishing trawler carrying narcotics, at sea about 28 nautical miles (50km) west of Hikkaduwa. Acting on coordinated intelligence efforts by the Navy, Police Narcotic Bureau and other intelligence services a Fast Attack Craft intercepted the suspicious fishing trawler. Upon being escorted to the Galle harbour this morning (05th January 2024), it was inspected in coordination with the Sri Lanka Coast Guard and over 245kg (including packages) of crystal methamphetamine (Ice) and heroin valued over Rs. 3190 million recovered from the trawler. The operation also led to the apprehension of 06 suspects involved in the illegal narcotics smuggling attempt. The Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Priyantha Perera personally inspected the seized consignment upon his arrival at Galle harbour this morning.

05 Jan 2024

Navy takes hold of Kerala cannabis worth over Rs. 14 million in northern waters

A special search operation conducted by the Navy in the Veththalakerni beach vicinity, Jaffna on the morning of 24th December 2023 led to the recovery of more than 35kg (wet weight) of Kerala cannabis washed ashore.

24 Dec 2023

Navy seizes approx. 1955kg of smuggled Tendu leaves in Norochcholai

A search operation conducted by the Sri Lanka Navy in Norochcholai area on 23rd December 2023, led to the seizure of a lorry loaded with approx. 1955kg of smuggled Tendu leaves.

24 Dec 2023