Navy apprehends suspect with approx. 75kg of smuggled Kendu leaves in Puttalam

The Navy apprehended a suspect with a stock of smuggled Kendu leaves weighing about 75kg (wet weight) during a search operation conducted in Serakkuliya beach area this morning (04th August 2023). The apprehension was made when the suspect was making arrangements to transfer the contraband item by a three-wheeler.

The Navy remains ever alert and conducts regular patrols and search operations in the coastal areas of the island to prevent a wide range of illegal activities taking place via sea routes.

As an extension of these efforts, the search was conducted by the Rapid Action Boat Squadron (RABS) in the Northwestern Naval Command in Serakkuliya beach area this morning. Upon search of a suspicious three-wheeler parked at the beach, naval personnel recovered 03 packages of Kendu leaves weighing about 75kg (wet weight), made ready to be smuggled. The search also led to the apprehension of a suspect in connection to this illegal act.

The suspect was identified as a resident of Pomparippu, aged 26. The accused along with Kendu leaves and the three-wheeler was handed over to the Wanathavilluwa Police for onward legal proceedings.