Navy apprehends 03 suspects with Kerala cannabis valued over Rs. 54 million in northern waters

A special search operation mounted by the Navy led to the interception of a dinghy carrying Kerala cannabis weighing over 137 kg (weight weight) in the sea area off the Eluvaitivu Island, Jaffna in the dark hours of 06th November 2023. During the operation, the Navy also nabbed 03 individuals suspected of involvement in this unlawful activity.

The Navy conducts regular patrols and search operations in the coastal and sea areas around the island, with a view to prevent the influx of narcotics and other illegal items into the country. As an extension of these efforts, SLNS Elara in the Northern Naval Command deployed its Inshore Patrol Craft and small craft for a search operation off the Eluvaitivu Island on the night of 06th November. During the operation, naval personnel intercepted a suspicious dinghy and recovered about 137 kg and 45 g (weight weight) of Kerala cannabis from the dinghy. The consignment of Kerala cannabis was in 56 packages which had been in 03 sacks. Thus, the stock of Kerala cannabis, the dinghy and 03 suspects aboard were taken in to the naval custody.

Meanwhile, the street value of Kerala cannabis held in this operation is believed to be over Rs. 54 million.

The suspects nabbed in the operation are residents of Pooneryn, who are between 20 and 44 years of age. The suspects along with the stock of Kerala cannabis and the dinghy will be handed over to the Kayts Police for onward legal action.