Navy takes hold of Kerala cannabis valued over Rs. 40 million in coastal vicinity of Karainagar

A special search operation conducted by the Navy in the coastal vicinity of Sampalodai in Karainagar, Jaffna in the wee hours on 20th November 2023 led to the recovery of over 101 kg (wet weight) of Kerala cannabis.

The Sri Lanka Navy remains ever vigilant and regularly conducts patrols and search operations to prevent various forms of illegal activities emanating via sea routes and coastal areas. As an extension of these efforts, SLNS Elara in the Northern Naval Command mounted this operation in the coastal vicinity of Sampalodai, Karainagar on 20th November and recovered 03 suspicious sacks hidden away in shrubs in the coastal area. During further search of those sacks, 15 packages of Kerala cannabis weighing about 101kg and 750g (wet weight) were taken into naval custody.

Meanwhile, the gross street value of the consignment of Kerala cannabis is believed to be over Rs. 40 million. The seized consignment of Kerala cannabis has been kept in the custody of the Navy, until they are handed over to authorities for onward action.