Navy seizes 02 poaching trawlers in Sri Lankan waters

The Sri Lanka Navy, together with the Sri Lanka Coast Guard, conducted a special operation to chase away Indian poaching trawlers from Sri Lankan waters in the dark hours of 07th February 2024. The operation led to the seizure of 02 Indian trawlers and arrest of 19 Indian fishermen poaching in Sri Lankan waters near the Delft Island, Jaffna.

The Navy continues to conduct regular patrols and operations in Sri Lankan waters to curb illegal fishing practices of foreign fishing trawlers, taking into account the impact of those practices on the livelihood of local fishermen.

As an extension of these operations, the Northern Naval Command deployed Fast Attack Craft of the Navy and Coast Guard to chase away a cluster of Indian poaching trawlers, having spotted they were engaging in illegal fishing in Sri Lankan waters close to the Delft Island in the dark hours of 07th February. The operation resulted in the seizure of 02 Indian poaching trawlers and arrest of 19 Indian fishermen continued to remain in Sri Lankan waters.

The seized trawlers together with 19 Indian fishermen were brought to the Kankesanthurai Harbour and they will be handed over to the Mailadi Fisheries Inspector for onward legal proceedings.

Including the apprehension of this operation, the Navy has held 12 Indian poaching trawlers and 88 Indian fishermen in island waters thus far in 2024, and handed them over to authorities for legal action.