Navy apprehends 05 persons transferring illegally harvested sea cucumber in Mannar

The Navy apprehended 05 persons who were transferring illegally harvested sea cucumber, during a search carried out in Achchankulam of Mannar in the wee hours of today (04th April 2024). The illicit harvest of sea cucumbers, undertaken under the cover of night and without valid license, comprised 589 of these marine creatures. In addition, the Navy also held 03 motor scooters and diving gear.

The Navy conducts regular operations in the coastal and sea areas of the island in order to suppress illegal fishing activities performed by people with scant regard towards responsible fishing practices.

In continuation of these efforts, a team of naval personnel from the Naval Detachment Achchankulam of SLNS Pussadewa, belonging to the North Central Naval Command made this apprehension, during a search operation conducted in Achchankulam. The operation resulted in the search of 03 motor scooters on suspicion and held 589 sea cucumber being smuggled, stuffed in plastic containers. Accordingly, 05 suspects in connection to this incident, diving gear and 03 motor scooters were taken into the naval custody.

The suspects held in this operation were identified as residents of Mannar area, who are from 23 to 60 years of age. Those 05 suspects together with sea cucumbers, diving gear and 03 scooters were handed over to the Murunkan Police for onward legal action.